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  • I worked with Ash Hasen on numerous projects, but I first made his acquaintance while he was doing an extraordinary job of editing our company's hit PBS mini-series "Walking the Bible." The result of his work was a visual feast and a well-told story that resulted in high ratings and rave reviews -- even the Wall Street Journal chimed in calling the show "...three splendid hours." After completing "Walking the Bible" Ash continued working with our company and we produced several demos and pilots, and I found him not only extremely talented but very personable and overall a great pleasure to work with. I was also privileged to preview one of Ash's own documentary with Blue Pyramid which was well written, well shot and overall was television of the highest order.
    Tip McPartland
    Writer Producer at Galan Productions
  • Ash is a model to the media profession , he is very dedicated with high integrity, working long hours with everlasting smile and cheerfulness, in his time ON TV had the best documentary library among all the competitors, it was fun and very informative working with him, I did enjoy and learn a lot from him, I do recommend his professional services and consider his work as a typical win win situation
    Tarek Dessouki
    MD EMEA, CSEA and LATAM regions VIA consultation group
  • I worked closely with Ash in the early years of his career, as his agent. His ability to create a story, telling it from the writers, editor and directors vantage point in amazing. Ash' accomplishments and career have taken off to international recognition.
    Kristin Petrovich
    President Createasphere
  • Ash is a true visionary. His capacity to convey ideas and emotions on screen is quite inspiring and his understanding of visual grammar places him among the most talented people I have the pleasure of knowing. I fully endorse Ash and I am in constant admiration of his accomplishments, which are a reflection of his professional nature, high work ethic and organizational skills.
    Carlos Pedroza
    Previz-Layout Sup at Freelance
  • Ash excels at communicating through visual media the ideas and strategies of the client. His ambitious nature is infectious and adds energy to any project. A triple threat, (directing, shooting, and editing), Ash can deliver a polished and concise visual product on just about any budget.
    Scot Orser
    Owner, Orser Studio
  • As producer Ash was always bright with ideas , supportive in realizing my vision as director and efficient when it comes to solving problems while keeping things rolling.
    Mohamed Khan
    Independent Entertainment Professional
  • I have had the pleasure to work with Ash in several projects. I consider Ash a very gifted cinematographer, great professional and very hard worker. He is alway innovating and making use of the latest technologies to achieve his vision. I truly believe his best work is still to come and I can't wait to see what the future awaits for his professional career. I will be willing to collaborate in one of his projects. I highly recommend working with him.
    Armando Calpena
    senior environment artist at Disney Interactive
  • Ash has been since I've known him a great professional, his work reflects his vision, his ability to transmit and communicate, I am proud to say I have been involved in one of his projects and I would do it again anytime.
    Eva Martinez Ertl
    Founding Partner at
  • Ash is one of the most enthusiastic and diligent producer/editors I know; he always pushes for excellence, and I've personally witnessed him, many a time over, as the last man standing in the production suite--tweaking, polishing, addressing details that others felt were "good enough". Again, highly recommended, very hard working, diligent, and loyal person.
    Jason Rosette
    Media Producer, Educator
  • Ash produces great documentaries and commercials. Before he starts he carefully researches the topic to make sure that everything makes sense. He pays attention to details and delivers top quality. Furthermore, he has an wide network in Egypt which allows him to make things happen that other producers would never manage to do.
    Omar Abou el Maati
    Regulatory Relations Manager at UBS AG
  • Ash has always shown an instinct in creative thinking, as well as dedication and commitment. His focus and passion for achievement will lead him to take on bigger challenges as he progresses through his career
    Ash W.
    Associate Director - Consumer Payment Products
  • Ash is a detailed oriented person, passionate about his work and always under promises and over delivers his tasks. Working with Ash is always a fun experience as well.
    Labib Basta
    MTTI, Inc.
  • Ash was a visionary director since I started working with him early in my career. I'm glad to see him flourishing as an amazing talent in hollywood. Hopefully we can work again one day soon.
    Saadi Alkouatli
    Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson MENA